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Stop Screaming.

As a society, we’ve weaponized words. With each breath, we lash out, sending our words, like a weapon, firing upon the enemy in battle. It feels like these words are used with the intent to fight rather than listen. I realize that the act of listening requires far more work and focus than just hearing, but in all fairness, how can anyone try to hear, with hopes to listen if there is so much screaming going on?

It reminds me of something that we may all be too familiar with. The scenario is a parent, who is yelling at the child because they are “correcting” the child’s behavior or action. As the parent is yelling, trying to get their message across, the child is not “getting it”. The child has tuned the parent out. The yelling is too much. The message is lost, the moment for the parent to communicate with the child is gone and all that remains is a contorted version of energy full of harsh words and loud voices.

The chaos, confusion, intensity and pain in the energy that is around us all seems to be at its peak level. How can we get back to being a community? How can we actively listen to humanity when there is nothing but screaming? To observe, honor and accept that while we may not all share the same feelings or opinions, we are a collective of human consciousness full of hope and love for the world around us. That is how I am trying to connect and unite with community. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to be a better listener when working with my clients. Transformational listening has shown me that most meaningful conversations involve more than words. A deep conversation will include words, body language, energy and presence. For an effective exchange between myself and my client, I feel it’s important that I observe these components of the conversation, of listening, with open heart and my full presence. I can only hope that as a collective, we can all take a step to open hearts and listen to our neighbors, respect others and hold humanity in our hearts, not in our egos.

Please, stop screaming.