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Saying hello to the New Moon and it's fickle little mistress, Mercury Retrograde

Well, if any year in the history of years, has beckoned us to stop and reflect on what is going on around us, it’s certainly this one. Apparently, humanity was only “hearing” rather than truly “listening” to the astrological wisdom that has been surrounded us, not once, but now three times in 2020 (and we are not even through the year yet). Between the pandemic, the economic crunch and the uncertainty of what in the world are we supposed to do today to get through today, it feels as if the breath of life has been brought to a complete standstill.

It’s almost as if the life that once brought us renewed breath has now become stagnant, still and a bit oppressive. The energy that comes with is more prevalent than ever. We can’t seem to ignore it, certainly don’t want to welcome it in, but it’s quite clear that it’s not going anywhere soon, either. Nothing is what it was, or it seemed and no one is sure that it will be that, whatever that may be, again.

I know that there are horrible things happening, even as these words fall onto this page. The pain and suffering that exists in these turbulent times is truly heartbreaking. People are losing their livelihoods, their hopes, their faith, their connection to each other and most horribly, their lives, due to the unrest, uncertainty and hatred that seems to be growing ever too quickly for love to truly be given a chance. I personally don’t understand how humanity has traded empathy for hatred, sympathy for indifference, strength for ignorance and decency for despair. The diversity of being human in a society filled with other perspectives has been in the fabric of humanity for a long time, but so has the ability to love each other and be a collective group of healing souls, growth and support as a community. I don’t have a clear answer as to what needs to be done to get through these unsettling times. I wish I did.

But all is not lost! It’s a New Moon and this brings the beautiful opportunity for manifestation. Even in the midst of the Mercury Retrogrades, it can be a great time to look within, reflect and find the awareness that surrounds us. Maybe, for we can stop and truly “listen” instead of simply hearing the vibration of the energy around us. Awareness brings perspective, which can then bring the desire to grow and change. In that, we are then reminded that hope does indeed exist. No matter how upside down, inside out or uncertain today may be, I choose to continue to hope and believe that the healing that humanity is so desperate for, will manifest. So, welcome New Moon and welcome Mercury Retrograde, our intentions are waiting to be set free.