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These Eyes

I recently was at our local mall and managed to get roped into a tutorial for this “phenomenal” eye cream. You know, the kind that turns back time (and as I type this, Cher’s unmistakable voice bellows in my head), bring back your youth and make you beautiful again.

I generously let the young and robust salesman run through his well-rehearsed script. I mean after all, I get it, he’s trying to make a living and working a sales job is ultimately about the hustle that you put into it. Know your market, know your product and know your confidence. Sell, sell, sell. So, I thought to myself, I’m going to be nice and hear him out. Sometimes, it’s as simple as that, just “hearing” someone out is all they need to get through the rest of their day. That is all everyone, at some point or another, wants.

He proceeds to tell me the magical ingredients of this potion, the astonishing benefits and then shows the undeniable results. To prove his point, he only put this potion on half of my face, under one eye. So, half of my face seemed to be smooth, without lines, which only made the other half look like the Grand Canyon of wrinkles and squiggles. As I sat there, he moved in for “the kill”, to bring his pitch to a close. He asked me my age and waited for my response with trepidation that I would no doubt be buying this magic potion today as one could virtually ice skate beneath my bright and glowing right eye. I don't think that my response was what he imagined. In fact, he just sat there, mouth open and eyes blank, unsure what he should do or say next.

“Listen, these lines, there’s a lot of life in these lines. There are experiences you can’t fathom, heartfelt memories that you’ve not had and tender moments that only a parent can understand. Oh, and I’m 43.” It’s all true. His twenty something swagger has no idea of the experiences I’ve seen, the tears I’ve cried, the laughter that has caused me almost to quit breathing, the worry that I’ve shouldered, the strength that I’ve endured, the love I’ve been so incredibly blessed to not only give, but receive. And then there is parenthood, which is all of those emotions and experiences multiplied by a trillion. The ups and downs, the ins and outs, the uncertainty, the hope and each miraculous moment, all held in those lines on my face. It’s so incredibly sad that society has reduced the beauty of our lives to the physical shape of our face and our bodies. There is so much more that represents the beauty of our lives. Oh, but don’t think I wasn’t tempted to add this magic potion to my medicine cabinet! The thought of having a few less wrinkles is very appealing. I want to look youthful, beautiful and refreshed. I don’t discount anyone’s desire to do so. What makes us “tick” is as individual as our fingerprints. Only I can place the value on my beauty, my memories, my happiness and ultimately my life. So, I declined the magic potion. I like these eyes, so I posted this picture to showcase all of the wrinkles that I've earned along the way.